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There are a few areas in your house that should be given more attention during installation of insulation. They are the attic, the ceiling, the basement and areas from which heat is most prone to escape out of or come inside. Getting the services of one of the insulation contractors to perform a home energy consultation will be of much help. You can also insulate your ceiling if you feel the need for sound control. This will help you keep your house quite

Manufacturing. Assembling, Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

Commercial & Administration Building

Alpha Supply & Implement all the materials of Insulation “Thermal/humidity/Sound” the latest Building machines
Alpha can supply:
• Backing Rod
“Sealant back up material”
• Water stop
• Backing Filler
“Sealant backing material & joint filler”
• Flex Guns
• Spray foam
• Zinc Rich spray
• Blue Foam – Made in (Egypt – Jordan – KSA) available
• Whit Foam – Made in Egypt
• Flexible membranes isolation (PVC)
• Strengthening systems for concrete structures by carbon & glass fiber
• Fiber glass and polypropylene
• Fiber mish (white – orange)
• Polyethylene tarpaulin rolls
• Geotextile inclinations to install soil
• Protection board to protect the insulation – Made in (China – Lebanon)
• Fiber glass

Alpha Also Helps You In

• Avoid The risks of the wrong description
• Constancy services – analytic report for the Building needs.
• Submit high quality solutions for the “Flooring – Isolation – Machines”

• Submit high quality materials that reduce the cracks of walls & Buildings
• Submit the latest updated solutions for “Ease Installation” the home needs to replace floors without Cracking the origin floors
• Materials & components for insulting the water tanks

• Solutions for waterproofing of roofs and bathrooms and kitchens
• Choose the suitable materials according to:
1. Climate
2. Ease of installation